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Google Rolls Out Booking in Search & Maps

Google Rolls Out Booking in Search & Maps

It’s never been more important to have a stellar star-rating on Google. 

Google’s newest feature—Reserve With Google—makes it easier than ever to book an appointment directly from Search or Maps. So far this feature is limited to salons and spas, but it’s likely to roll this feature out to more businesses in the coming months. If your business schedules customer appointments online, or if you’re looking for a low barrier/highly visible scheduling solution, then you need to keep this on your radar. 

To book an appointment – customers can search for a business directly from Maps, or go to Reserve with Google’s site and navigate to the business of their choice from there. Once a business has been selected, customers are presented with purchase options and schedule openings. Customers need only submit their information directly to Google to book the appointment. 

This new feature puts your organizations online ratings and reviews front and center to customers that are far enough along the purchase process to make a scheduling decision. If you have low-star rating, or have a lack of ratings in general, then this new feature could cost you some serious dough. 

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