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More Than a Name Change: Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile

More Than a Name Change: Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile

While on the surface, it may seem like it’s just a name change, Google My Business is now Google Business Profile, but this change matters more to your business than you might think. To streamline and simplify things, Google will be integrating business profile management directly into Google Search, Google Maps, and additional apps. The Google My Business app will be sunset sometime in 2022.

A Quick Look at New Features:

Claim and verify Google My Business profiles directly in Google Search and Google Maps

Suppose you’re accustomed to managing your listing in the Google My Business console and have a single listing. In that case, you will manage your profile directly via Google Search or Google Maps, either through the web interface or mobile apps. The Google My Business web experience will transition for businesses with multiple locations and be renamed “Business Profile Manager.” Google is rebranding the web interface and redirecting access from to

Call history is officially launching in US and Canada

When customers search on Google and come across your profile, they can use a “call” button. These calls show up in a tab in your Google Business Profile, giving you the ability to keep track of phone calls, including missed calls, and enabling you to stay better engaged with your customers. When calls are placed through your Google Business Profile, they will begin with a short message that lets you know the caller came from Google. Note: This feature is still in testing and not available to all businesses yet.

Google also made announcements about Google Ads and Performance Planner. This tool lets you create advertising plans and shows how changes to campaigns might affect the key metrics and overall performance. Performance Planner will also show you your campaigns’ forecasts and explore what outcomes might happen when adjusting settings and the seasonality of campaigns for new opportunities.

With continued updates on Google’s platforms, keeping a keen eye on paid campaigns will be crucial for any business. If your business is used to planning monthly or quarterly, Google recommends planning weekly – especially if you have already been affected by other market changes.

Why Does This Matter to You?

Google is still the number one search engine, and most local searches are powered off Google business profiles. It’s essential to keep your Google Business Profile updated with hours, specials, announcements, and more.

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