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How Dealers Can Convert Auto Shoppers into Buyers

How Dealers Can Convert Auto Shoppers into Buyers

Once you’ve attracted new consumers to your dealership, it’s essential to use automotive digital marketing solutions to convert those shoppers into buyers.

Dealers need to improve the customer experience and communication to keep their shoppers happy. Understanding the best technology to implement will continue to drive an elevated consumer experience to help your business thrive.

Engaging consumers online will enable your dealership to convert shoppers into buyers. Technology can help fill in the gaps with the ever-growing staffing challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.

Key automotive digital marketing strategies to accomplish your goal include dynamic 24/7 lead response, AI chat, customized videos, top inventory merchandising sites, and online credit prequalification.

Send personalized price quotes with AI lead response software

Customers want an immediate response and appreciate ongoing offers and communication. It’s the best way to keep a customer loyal to your dealership and stop them from shopping elsewhere. Artificial intelligence is the key to handling these responses and ensuring all leads are followed up quickly and regularly.

Digital Air Strike’s Response Logix technology increases the visibility of your dealership and delivers the right customer experience to help your dealership sell more cars.

Kia of Alhambra wanted an easy way to respond to leads digitally and follow up with interested car buyers who had previously expressed interest in a car. The California auto dealership turned to Digital Air Strike’s Response Logix to increase closing percentages on internet leads and ensure they would never miss a lead during staff changes.

“Response Logix helps us quote all of our internet leads and makes our follow-up more effective,” said Kia of Alhambra’s general manager. “We’re getting a high number of reactivated leads!”

Response Logix is key to your automotive digital marketing solutions since it automatically responds to all leads within 10 minutes around the clock. The technology emails a quote with multiple new and used vehicle options, along with the vehicle car buyers inquired about, which is essential amid inventory shortages.

Convert more leads with AI-powered chat assistants  

AI chat assistants make the best first impression by helping answer many initial questions through your website, Facebook page, and text message. AI becomes the intelligent assistant your dealership must have to ask and answer qualifying questions, schedule appointments, and route conversations to the right team member when human help is needed.

Brown’s Fairfax Nissan was looking for a solution to increase lead volume and improve conversion ratings through messaging. The Virginia car dealership uses Digital Air Strike’s Response Path to start conversations with customers 24/7 and get more leads from their website and Facebook page.

“Response Path helps us deliver a better customer experience while also capturing and converting more leads,” said the general manager of Brown’s Fairfax Nissan. “Car buyers and service customers are using Response Path to set appointments with our team, and our closing ratio is now at 31%.”

Response Path is an excellent addition to your automotive digital marketing solutions because it’s another way technology engages with your customers and converts more leads 24/7. AI helps your dealership streamline and improve your business.

Engage customers with video

Easy-to-use video lead engagement technology records, sends, and tracks videos so your dealership can communicate with your customers and showcase your business in the most preferred medium.

Consumer video viewing habits have increased as more people turn online for research and communication. It’s essential to learn the top strategies to use video the right way to sell and service more.

About 70% of people say they would prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video, and 78% report watching videos online each week. Encourage your tech-savvy employees, or work with a trusted partner like Digital Air Strike to record videos showing product features, safety measures, and special offers. Custom videos are also an excellent automotive digital marketing solution to communicate with your customers via email or text.

Muller Honda of Gurnee wanted an easy way to record a video highlighting the auto dealership’s sales event. Digital Air Strike’s Video Logix and Response Path Power Text sent the video link to over 20,000 customers via text message. The Chicago dealership sold over five cars from one engaging video link. The video received thousands of views from the text.

“The process was easy. The set-up was easy. Everything was easy,” said Muller Honda of Gurnee’s marketing manager.

Supercharge your inventory strategy

Amplifying your inventory merchandising should be among your essential automotive digital marketing strategies. Posting your available inventory on top sites like YouTube, Facebook, BestRide, and Google will drive targeted shoppers to your vehicles and create a more engaging customer experience.

Continuing inventory pricing and sourcing challenges mean it’s critical to efficiently merchandise your vehicles to customers needing a new car. By using these top sites, your auto dealership will exceed sales goals while delivering a superior customer shopping experience.

Digital Air Strike creates custom VIN-specific videos on YouTube for every vehicle in your inventory to maximize SEO on the world’s second-largest search engine. Since 75% of car buyers say online video influences their shopping habits, these high-quality videos are vital in your digital marketing solutions.

Facebook recently changed its approach with Facebook Marketplace. Digital Air Strike has the solution to post new and used vehicle inventory on your Facebook business page. Seventy-three percent of car buyers say Facebook is the social site they use the most. Vehicle inventory is presented in a virtual showroom in real time and updated within your business page.

Digital Air Strike’s is another excellent way for dealers to promote their vehicles to active shoppers looking for their next ride. Eighty-six percent of car buyers are actively shopping or have purchased a car within two weeks of using the interactive business-to-consumer marketplace on

Live vehicle inventory should also be posted on your Google Business Profile. Since 8 out of 10 consumers are looking at your Google profile and not clicking on your website, you need to ensure your profile has updated offers, hours, and vehicle inventory. Digital Air Strike can automatically post your dealership’s live vehicle inventory, so your team doesn’t have to worry about a manual, labor-intensive process.

Streamline the buying process

Allow car buyers to get prequalified online so they know what available vehicles they can buy. By taking out the guesswork, Digital Air Strike’s Credit Logix creates a faster buying process that helps all customers, including those with less than perfect credit.

After using Credit Logix, Royal Automotive Group saw their conversions jump to 60%. The credit tool is indispensable in the Arizona-based dealer’s automotive digital marketing solutions. Why spend the time selling a car a customer can’t afford?

“Our deals fund faster with our approval time down to just 18-23 minutes,” said Royal Automotive’s marketing manager. “Our average conversion for subprime buyers jumped from 30% to about 60%. Most impressively, our products per sale doubled.”

If all these tools and strategies seem daunting to handle yourself, Digital Air Strike’s sales enablement team and solutions can take over. Having enough staff and managing leads in today’s market is challenging, but turning it over to the right technology and experienced team will convert dealers’ sales and service opportunities.

McClinton Chevrolet Mitsubishi uses Digital Air Strike’s Sales Boost to increase sales, reduce expenses, and solve staffing challenges. The West Virginia dealership uses Sales Boost to outsource the management of its inbound internet leads, outbound calls, and appointment scheduling for sales and service.

“We’re selling more cars and exceeding our sales goals with Digital Air Strike,” said the principal owner of McClinton Chevrolet Mitsubishi. “The combination of their technology and team handles all of our inbound leads, delivering great results daily.”

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