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How Intelligent Messaging Helps Businesses Communicate en Español

How Intelligent Messaging Helps Businesses Communicate en Español

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U.S. Census data reveals the number of Spanish speakers in the country growing—in a big way—since 1980. Upwards of 15 million U.S. residents spoke Spanish by 1990. Twenty-five million spoke it in 2000 and 37 million in 2015…on the way to an incredible 41 million in the next three years.* The language barrier can be  a business killer. Technology can help you communicate in Spanish..

The $1.3 trillion U.S. Hispanic market dwarfs the economies of all but 13 countries.* Don’t lose access to this critical resource. Ensure your chat solution provider offers bilingual communication..

Qualify Interest Level

Your competitors are already implementing bots that use predefined questions to discover a customer’s interest level. (Leading questions might include “What can we help you with?”) Each of the answer choices takes visitors down a unique path to determine their interest area. Translating these questions into Spanish  will help you communicate with a larger slice of the visitors to your website. Customers see immediately that you are committed to eliminating the language barrier and making their purchase path easy.

Capture Lead Details

Businesses are seeing great results from augmenting Spanish-speaking chat bots with Spanish-language lead forms that help customers provide their information quickly and easily. These tactics help reduce bounce rates and boost conversions.

Route Conversations to the Right Team Member

If you have Spanish speaking employees, set your messaging platform to route these leads directly to them! They will receive the customer’s information and be able to jump into the conversation or follow up immediately. Fifty-four percent of Spanish-dominant Hispanics feel more loyal to companies that show appreciation for their culture by communicating in Spanish.* Routing customers directly to a salesperson who can communicate in Spanish is sure to make the customer feel more comfortable with making a purchase from your business. They will instantly know they can ask any questions without fear of miscommunication.

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