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How to Beat Your Biggest Competition

How to Beat Your Biggest Competition

Despite all the buzz and flurry around online retailers like Carvana allegedly stealing customers from local dealers, it turns out that a lot of dealers consider their most significant competition to be their fellow local dealers. Of the dealers we polled in our recent webinar, almost 75% of them agreed that a local dealer of the same brand, closely followed by a local dealer of a different brand, were the ones that kept them up at night – not the behemoth online-only retailers.

We wanted to get a read on this because the new and used vehicle market is fierce, and our goal is to deliver the most targeted solutions that help dealers crush their competition – whoever that may be.

The newest addition to our family of Inventory Merchandising solutions is Google Vehicle Ads. Learn more about it here. This carousel of dealers’ vehicles at the top of the search page links directly to their VDP (Vehicle Details Page) on their website, which keeps shoppers in their grasp.

Go ahead and search for a vehicle on Google and see what comes back to you in the ads carousel. (You might have to refresh a few times for it to appear since the feature is actively rolling out) Is your dealership showing up? If not, you should be! Ready to enroll? Send us a note, and we’ll get you going.  Just fill out the form below or email us at

Click here for the recorded webinar with Google’s auto retail expert on how the new feature works.

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