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How to Turn Cold Leads into Hot Sales

How to Turn Cold Leads into Hot Sales

The initial response to an inquiry from a cold lead is crucial to securing a sale. The professionalism, speed, and detail provided in your lead response can make or break a successful sale. But, what about the follow-up to the follow-up? What about the period between a customer’s initial interest and the eventual sale? Some customers are not ready to buy right away.

Setting the Foundation for a Sale

You’ve got an inquiry from a lead…great! According to our Mystery Shop Study of 1,500+ dealerships, more than 18% of dealerships do not respond to leads at all. Responding is half the battle, but here are three keys to crafting a great lead response that will set you apart from the competition:

  1. Customization: Address the customer’s specific questions and provide options
  2. Professionalism: Ensure your response is professional with easy-to-follow steps
  3. Expediency: A customer is three times more likely to visit your store if they receive a response within 10 minutes

Sometimes, setting the foundation is not quite enough to make a sale.

Turning Cold Leads into Hot Sales

Over 30 percent of car buyers look for a dealership a few days before purchasing. This means around 60-70 percent of potential customers are usually looking at vehicles for a longer time before settling on the perfect vehicle. It’s important to note that these leads are the ones that slip through the cracks. This is where Digital Air Strike’s Smart Follow technology comes in.

Has it been a few days since a customer has shown interest in a vehicle you’re trying to sell? Is your sales team busy pursuing hot leads? Smart Follow’s features make car selling easier:

  • Reactivate 9%-12% of your cold leads with personalized communications that are automated
  • Customers can let you know they are ready to buy with one click
  • Customize and track messages to ensure personalization

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