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How Your Business Can Be Smarter About Instagram

How Your Business Can Be Smarter About Instagram

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While you may be familiar with Instagram from a more social point of view, it has evolved into much more than a photo sharing app, recently adopting a new role of being a home for brands to flourish.  Instagram dived in headfirst fully embracing brand content while Facebook shifted into prioritizing friends and family interactions. On Instagram, brand advertisement is not only normalized it’s celebrated. When consumers are scrolling on Instagram, everything they engage with is based on what they search for and who they follow.

With features such as the discovery page, users can browse new content, but it will always follow a pattern related to their individual interests. That means business-related content is perfect for a network like Instagram, because users see and click on advertisements that are relevant to what they’re interested in and not at all random creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

In fact, 39.2% of Instagram users have seen an ad on a social network which led them to take action in the past 30 days. Scrolling through Instagram is how many people relax without a specific intention in mind, they just use it absent mindedly.  Instagram recently revealed that people spend an average of 32 minutes every day on the app.

From a business standpoint, how do you make the most of that time? Instagram typically caters to generations who have been conditioned to have instant gratification. It is fast, witty and aesthetically pleasing. Since Instagram is more fast-paced and highly visual, advertisements that are strategically concise, eye-catching, relatable and intriguing will lead to more success. Once you achieve good content, it is imperative to perfect the next step: consumer engagement.

Instagram Users Care About Positive Consumer Engagement
This pivotal step is where your business will either flourish or flop. Keep in mind that consumer engagement is primarily your brand’s public relationship with real people. Before anything, you must define your target market. Anyone and everyone technically can access your page, but with Instagram’s algorithm, you can target the tone of your content to the audience most likely to engage with your posts.

Also, understanding Instagram usage among key demographics is imperative! For instance, 64% of people who are 18 to 29-years old use Instagram, however, once you determine a more specific audience, you can craft a narrative that relates to that specific demographic. Instagram is not the only platform where this tactic should be used. It’s key to consistently engage on all major platforms.

Social media is a two-way conversation and shouldn’t consist of posts only. Interact and engage with users. If someone comments on your post, you should acknowledge the comment. 46.7% of people say they read reviews or comments from others who have already purchased the product they’re considering.

Understanding and Utilizing the Algorithm
Instagram recently updated its algorithm in an attempt to make its users’ feeds more relevant to their interests. To put it simply, instead of posts being strictly chronological, Instagram prioritizes content based on the likelihood of the user’s individual interests. Scrolling down from there, the relationship with the account and timeliness are also factors. So, while users still see frequent updates from friends and family, they also get to see content solely based on what they search for the most. If utilized correctly, this update is a gold mine for businesses.

Also, contrary to common belief, the content that ranks highest in someone’s feed isn’t necessarily a popularity contest of most followers or likes! So, having a high number of followers doesn’t always equal more engagement. Utilizing these algorithms includes strategic planning for how you want to connect with your target audience. This also means being consistent with posting, and using hashtags, locations and other tools that allow consumers to engage with your content easier. There is a sweet spot of posting that involves quality over quantity and thoughtful content to snowball more and more engagement. With all the features of the new algorithm in mind, timing is still a key ingredient. With analyzing peak time statistics and utilizing all business tool analytics available on Instagram business pages, you can see what works best for your business and create a consistent posting schedule.

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