Are online ads more effective at selling cars than Hyper-retargeting?

Are online ads more effective selling cars then Hyper-retargeting?

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The 2012 models are rolling into your showroom and your marketing team needs to create awareness and interest to fill your sales pipeline and drive sales for your auto dealership. What is your online marketing strategy?

Q. Our advertising agency is proposing to run an online flash animated banners ad campaign targeting placement in auto related websites. What’s the difference between these online ads and your SmartFollow® Hyper-retargeting advertisements?

A. Advertising vs. Engaging
The big difference is that online ads create awareness for your new cars and your dealership to build sales leads, while SmartFollow® Hyper-retargeting influences car shoppers who are identified as sales prospects because they requested a quote on a vehicle. Imagine there is one highway in your city showing billboard ads for any product and service; there is no media targeting going-on. Then imagine a second highway only showing auto related billboards. Your ad agency wants to place your ads on that auto related freeway with hopes that some of that traffic might be in the market to buy a new car.


Hyper-retargeting is the equivalent of a dynamically placed billboard ad that appears on any highway (promoting your dealership, and the make/model of the quoted vehicle) because it follows your car shopper down any freeway. With the combination of our SmartFollow emails and the Hyper-retargeting advertising, and the SmartQuote® sent that starts the lead marketing process, your dealership is delivering between 6-10 sales and marketing impressions within 30-45 days.

To recap: Online Ads = Awareness, and SmartFollow Hyper-retargeting = targeted marketing lead follow at interested buyer. They are apples and oranges and both are important at different phases of the consumer purchase process.

If you still want to buy online advertising, you should ask your ad agency to quote on a CPP (cost per click) model and only pay for those consumers who click on your ads. The CPM (cost per thousand) advertising buy is good for building brand impressions (if you buy a lot of impressions), but you’ll get marginal click-through actions.

Q. What websites will Hyper-retargeting ads appear on?

A. Hyper-retargeting ads dynamically appear where your consumers browse the Internet
We purchase ads on all the major advertising networks in the US, and your advertisements appear on popular websites where your car buyers are browsing on the web. Examples of sites: MSNBC, NBC Sports, AutoTrader, eHarmony, Engadget, Photobucket, USA Today, and thousands of sites and blogs etc. The network is huge, and your ads are programmed to follow your car shoppers while they are browsing the web. Our Hyper-retargeting is set-up to serve your ads to your car shoppers wherever they go on the web. We could filter ad serving by geography, gender, age, ad categories (only serve ads in the Auto Industry network), but we don’t know the personal web browsing behavior of each of your car shoppers, so why limit the ability to serve ads by trying to predict what websites they visit online? The only filters we applied is (1) not serving dealer ads on adult content websites, and (2) serving the optimal frequency of ad impressions to attract your car shoppers without annoying their attention.

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