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Land Your Dream Job Through Free Video Services for Job Seekers

Land Your Dream Job Through Free Video Services for Job Seekers

More than 1.4 million Americans have filed for jobless claims, unemployment rates have risen to 11.1% in the U.S., and job seekers are looking to stand out in this crowded job market.

A great way to entice employers to consider you is to create engaging video introductions that quickly share why you’re the best candidate for the position.

Digital Air Strike, the leading consumer engagement technology company, is helping job seekers get back on their feet and get noticed fast through free Video Logix services. The free services are part of the company’s established charity and community outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are many benefits to incorporating video into your job search:

  • Not many job seekers are doing it, so you’ll stand out from the competition.
  • Most people have a smartphone camera capable of recording high-quality video. You have it at your fingertips, so why not use it?
  • More people are watching video every day. How many viral videos have you seen on TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn?
  • Video helps build your brand, shows off your skills and shows how creative you can be.
  • Video is an opportunity to showcase your energy, personality and job experience in a unique way.
  • Using video shows you are keeping up with the times by using a medium that people love.
  • Video is a great addition because it builds trust and credibility.
  • Shooting a video also gives you great practice for the interview process, which can be daunting for many.

ZipRecruiter suggests optimizing your resume instead of writing a cover letter. Online recruiting technology is killing the cover letter, and employers are finding the old school cover letter less useful, according to a ZipRecruiter blog. Video certainly optimizes the traditional resume.

Your video can be a 30-60-second elevator pitch, a video resume or a video job application.

Make sure your elevator pitch is no longer than a minute. Give it just enough time to say who you are, what you can do for the company and why you’re the best candidate. It should be something recruiters can watch quickly.

The best video applications show the employer that you are fully qualified and likely to succeed in the role needed. You can also use video to record testimonials from your trusted references.

Digital Air Strike is offering its video technology, Video Logix, free of charge for three months to people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. The Video Logix platform is an easy-to-use technology that records, sends, and tracks video for you. The videos are hosted on custom landing pages that can include your resume, other projects and presentations prospective employers will want to see, as well as links to your social sites, or website. It’s up to you what you want to include.

Once the video is complete, the landing page link can be sent to recruiters and hiring managers via email or text message. The Video Logix platform will alert you when your video, landing page, attachments, and/or links are clicked or viewed so you can understand where you are in the screening process.

Job seekers can sign up for the three free months of Video Logix services by clicking here.

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