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Mobile Marketing: 5 Fast Facts Worth Knowing

Mobile Marketing: 5 Fast Facts Worth Knowing
Did you know that adults spend roughly two hours and 41 minutes on their mobile device per day?  While we all live very different lives and maintain different interests, there is no doubt we are all sharing similar mobile experiences. Whether we’re checking-in on Facebook at a coffee shop while waiting for our latte, passing time at lunch reading Google reviews about local restaurants, or buying that new desk lamp you saw on Instagram, one thing remains consistent – we are being influenced by mobile marketing!

So far for 2019, mobile ad spend makes up roughly 72% of digital ad spend in the U.S. With this number continuing to grow, here are five fast facts about mobile marketing you should know:

  • 70% of People Surveyed in the U.S. Use a Mobile Device While Watching TV
    Although consumers continue to spend time on other channels, nowadays they’re typically on their smartphones at the same time. Reach them where they’re engaged and connected – on mobile. From Facebook ads to mobile display advertising, there are endless opportunities to reach this audience.
  • 72% of Auto Sales Customers Used a Mobile Device to Search/Read Reviews About a Business
    In today’s digital age, maintaining a healthy online reputation is key to winning new business. Encourage your happy customers to share their experiences online and boost your star-rating across multiple review sites. Whether they are current customers or potential buyers, you want to make sure your online presence matches the “in-store” experience you provide.
  • 44% of Car Buyers and 37% of Service Customers Have “Checked In” at a Local Business Using a Mobile Device
    Are you optimizing this activity or leaving it to chance? Check-in offers on social media or review sites give businesses a way to reward loyal customers and encourage new visits. Give customers freebies such as a keychain or 20% off a service just for checking in. Although they seem minor, check-ins are really endorsements of your business and showcase it to the friends of those checking in. They also lead to more positive reviews.
  • Almost a Third of Auto Instagram Shoppers Said They Learned About a New Product or Service on the Platform in the Last Month
    We’ll keep it simple. If your business is not on Instagram, it’s time to make a change! With more than 1 BILLION users, Instagram is a great platform to engage with your community through posts that make your business relatable. Use the stories feature to post fun videos of events at your business or tag a charity you are working with.  Also, remember to use hashtags to get more visibility and partner with influencers to leverage the lifestyle focus Instagram is known for.
  • 53% of Sales Customers and 44% of Service Customers Say They Have Seen an Ad for a Local Car Dealership on Facebook
    Mobile users are using their phones more and more to research cars, and you should be switching up your advertising strategy to reflect that. Smartphones allow businesses to advertise using mobile location data to target messages. With the ability to target specific people who have indicated they are ready to purchase, now is the time to leverage targeted ads to boost sales.

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