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More eyes on your star ratings!

More eyes on your star ratings!

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Google is giving businesses one more reason to pay close attention to their online reviews. The search engine is re-introducing “Reviews from the web” in their search results. This feature was removed previously, but is now back!

“Reviews from the web” will display ratings from sites with user-driven reviews, as long as the sites use the same type of review scoring criteria.  That means any valid review site that follows the 5-star rating system like Google may be featured in this section.

Google wants to highlight content created by customers, rather than only displaying “critics” or “experts” and to be the one-stop-shop for consumers to view the information they are most frequently searching for.

With the majority of consumers searching online before purchasing products or services, businesses need to understand the importance of their online reputation. A positive online presence is basically insurance for every type of advertising a business spends money on.

Our award-winning social media and reputation management solutions help businesses increase positive reviews online, respond to positive and negative reviews and ultimately win new clients and customers.

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