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BIG Changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed Are Being Tested

The outcome of Facebook’s latest Newsfeed test in six countries has the potential to completely change the way businesses reach their audience on the world’s most popular social network. What’s being tested? In response to community feedback, Facebook is testing a...

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Unmask Tricksters With These 6 Job Interview Questions

Your employees can make or break your business, so hiring someone you don't really know can have frightening results on your bottom line.  Ask these six questions during a job interview to help identify authentic candidates that are team players, can think critically...

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Over the years, through our DAS Cares program, we've supported more than 50 non-profits and dealership/OEM initiatives with donations and volunteers - - from donating toys to children's hospitals and volunteering to deliver Christmas presents to single parents...

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6 Social Media Statistics That Should Scare Business Owners

We live in a world of ratings and reviews. It is virtual word of mouth, only much more powerful. In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Almost everything we do is preceded by checking a rating or review. We go to websites...

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13 Facebook Ad Strategies for Businesses in 2018

Is your business struggling to launch Facebook ad campaigns that actually sell? Use these strategies and elevate your strategy to new heights! Identify your target audience: 1.  Saved Audience: Use Facebook’s Audience Builder to help you define your target audience’s...

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