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Facebook Live Video Ads

We Interrupt This Message… Facebook users have embraced Facebook Live and now Facebook is looking at adding commercials in the middle of the live streaming posts. Partnering with a small group of top publishers, Facebook is giving them the option to insert a short ad...

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Surveys can help you become a 5-star business!

The survey says: Surveys can help you become a 5-star business! In fact, our Review Surge™ customer survey program can help you improve your business and increase reviews. What is Review Surge™? A survey that is sent nightly customers after they complete a transaction...

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Add Motion to Your Message

Add some motion to your message with Facebook Slideshow Ads. Easier and more cost-efficient than traditional video ad production, Slideshow Ads let you tap into the power of video for less. Facebook slideshow ads give you the ability to use multiple images for a...

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More eyes on your star ratings!

Google is giving businesses one more reason to pay close attention to their online reviews. The search engine is re-introducing “Reviews from the web” in their search results. This feature was removed previously, but is now back! “Reviews from the web” will display...

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Take Longer to Tell Your Story on Instagram

Ever try to tell someone something in 15 seconds? How about trying to advertise to someone in 15 seconds? Not an easy task. With digital video advertising quickly on the rise, Instagram is taking note and now allowing advertisers to share a 60-second video - - up from...

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