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Twitter #Stickers for the Win!

As new social sites start to rise, Twitter continues to innovate ways to incorporate more into their platform! Millions of pictures are shared through the platform each day, so Twitter has decided to add a new way to display them. Adding a sticker allows users to...

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Facebook debuts long-awaited pudding

Many digital marketers are confident in the value provided by social advertising, and we at Digital Air Strike™ are more than comfortable discussing our campaigns in terms of ROI. But for some business owners, they find it challenging or seemingly impossible to prove...

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YouTube Lets Users Go Live on the Go

Coming soon: YouTube announces plans to add live video to their mobile app. We’re all going to have another option for live video in the coming days. Google announced it will be adding this feature to their existing app soon. This move is obviously to keep pace with...

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What Goes Around…Carousel Ads Come to Twitter

If you’ve been in social marketing for any length of time, you know that Facebook and Twitter regularly update their ad offerings to keep up with each other and meet the needs of advertisers. One of the big innovations that Twitter brought to the table first was the...

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Facebook is Putting up More Walls (and Reaching Beyond Them)

If you’ve used Facebook more than a couple times, it’s a smart bet that you’ve been retargeted there. For me, it was pens. I needed to find what kind of pen I wanted ordered, so I found it on the Staples website, sent the link to the office manager and went on with my...

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Amazon Launches New Video Service

Amazon recently announced the launch of its new video service called Amazon Video Direct. Similar to YouTube, this new video sharing platform aims to put user-generated content in front of the tens of millions of Amazon Prime members. The user-upload concept sounds...

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