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It’s 8 Letters and Begins With O

You know that worldwide event with the top athletes of 2016 that’s happening this week? The O-l-Y-m-P… i-C-s? Runners, gymnasts, wrestlers, swimmers, and beyond are gathering in R-I-O on Friday for the opening ceremonies, and guess who won’t be there? Most businesses....

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Instagram Starts Rolling Out Analytics for Users

Some Instagram users have a new icon in their profile. In the upper right-hand corner, they’re seeing a little bar graph that takes them to a new analytics section. Called “Insights,” the analytics show location, age, and gender of your followers – along with times...

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Pokemon GO Gets People to Your Business

Pokemon GO is the latest craze taking over mobile phones everywhere – and smart businesses are capitalizing on it! About 15 million people have downloaded the app to play the game which sends people on a treasure hunt of sorts looking for Pokemon at designated...

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Nissan sells car using Twitter!

A dealership did what on Twitter? A Nissan dealership in Spain recently sold a car using Twitter for the first time! A local customer had tweeted a hashtag “buy a car on Twitter”, The dealer responded with a couple of options for purchase. The customer then went back...

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Twitter #Stickers for the Win!

As new social sites start to rise, Twitter continues to innovate ways to incorporate more into their platform! Millions of pictures are shared through the platform each day, so Twitter has decided to add a new way to display them. Adding a sticker allows users to...

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Facebook debuts long-awaited pudding

Many digital marketers are confident in the value provided by social advertising, and we at Digital Air Strike™ are more than comfortable discussing our campaigns in terms of ROI. But for some business owners, they find it challenging or seemingly impossible to prove...

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