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Three Tips that Help Dealerships Sell More

1. Allow Your Salespeople to Send Quotes to All Phone Leads and Walk-Ins Interested in Buying a Vehicle Give your salespeople a tool that allows them to send immediate pricing to all customers to streamline your business. Sending quotes faster from any device allows...

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Improve Your Net Promoter Score with Customer Surveys!

Referrals are among the highest compliment a business can get and are a good indicator of future success as the more likely a customer is to recommend your services to others, the more people will be interested in your business. A referral rating, popularly known as a...

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How to Turn Cold Leads into Hot Sales

The initial response to an inquiry from a cold lead is crucial to securing a sale. The professionalism, speed, and detail provided in your lead response can make or break a successful sale. But, what about the follow-up to the follow-up? What about the period between...

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