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Virtual and Augmented Reality Storm the Auto Industry

How You Can Benefit When I was a kid, the only virtual reality available was my imagination. Cable television, movies and early video game consoles like Nintendo were my primary escapes (dare I mention books?). My generation is lucky we still have our eyesight, what...

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Facebook 3D Photos Bring Your Posts to Life

Stop the scroll-bys! Those who’ve been paying attention to our blog—or who have shopped online or booked a dog walker—know technology is rapidly changing the online sales and customer service process. We recently wrote about chatbots that can communicate in English...

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Are Your Customers Ready to Buy Cars from Costco?

Our trends study has the answer.   Our 7th Annual Automotive Social Media & Online Trends Study tells us social media and online reviews play a bigger role than ever in automotive sales and service transactions. Customers trust the crowdsourced ratings and...

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