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YouTube Merges G+ Functionality within Its Comment Fields

YouTube has merged G+ functionality within the commenting field of its pages. It does so, with the hope that it will turn its previously one-dimensional, vertical commenting forum, into a social platform, inducing social conversations and sharing. Some of the changes...

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Google Looks to More Effectively Offer Consumers Your Offers

October 24th 2013 – Google announces updates to their Google Offers product. The changes include an easier to navigate set up process and a performance-based pricing system, versus the free platform it was introduced as. Why is Google looking to now collect on Google...

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Yelp Wants to Show You the Leads with Their New Activity Feed

Last week, Yelp launched its new Customer Activity Feed. This new feature allows business owners the ability to see specific Yelp page activity as it happens (one-hour delay). Currently, the activity feed updates every time there is a phone call, directions request,...

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Apple’s iOS 7 Has Arrived

Apple’s newest iOS operating system was launched this week. The new system features a radically updated interface, including a more colorful and lively design, an easily accessible shortcut menu, an updated notification center, camera & Siri updates and a new...

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Facebook News Feed is Coming to Life

Facebook has begun testing a new auto-play video feature that injects life and movement into users’ news feeds.  This feature allows users to see silent previews of videos prior to the videos being clicked and viewed in full-screen with audio. As of right now,...

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