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Early Christmas for KIA USA dealers

  November 15, 2011 Kia dealers received an early holiday present today when Kia Motors America announced their selection of ResponseLogix as a preferred vendor. The deal allows Kia dealers to use their DAS co-op funds for ResponseLogix SmartQuote 2.0 and...

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Charlie Vogelheim on Autoline After Hours TV Show

Video streaming by Ustream ResponseLogix own Charlie Vogelheim on Autoline After Hours, 10/27/2011 This week we're calling Consumer Reports to the mat. As far as we're concerned, their automotive testing is second to none, but when it comes to quality ratings: bogus....

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5 Simple Twitter Basics for Auto Dealers

Twitter is good for several things, including improved SEO, customer communication, active listening, personalizing a business and connecting to the industry conversation. Twitter accounts, if used properly, can add a page-1 Google result for your dealership. That can...

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The First Steps Toward Becoming a 10X Internet Dealership

October 2011 Internet sales velocity comes from attacking process failure points. There are two that all too often occur just after arrival of a lead: failure to send a multi-vehicle price quote within 10 minutes, and failure to follow up with a phone call within 20...

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