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A Recipe for Success: Nurturing Customers With Technology and People

A Recipe for Success: Nurturing Customers With Technology and People

Should car dealers outsource BDC?

Average vehicle selling price and payments are at record highs. Consumers access more vehicle feature data than ever before. And more sources are providing information (accuracy to be questioned at times!), including media outlets, review sites, and other platforms.

Considering all these variables, and as we turn the corner to 2022, we are in the midst of the next evolutionary cycle of car buying and ownership. As a dealer, you are balancing meeting consumers’ needs while maximizing profits during this ‘cycle.’ The big question is, what is the right recipe of communication and spend to nurture consumers throughout the vehicle buying and ownership experience effectively?

Leveraging technology to enable your team to communicate more effectively with prospects and customers is critical. As a dealer, you focus on providing consumers with choice while ensuring you are exceeding your profit targets. Finding the right technology to support your objectives is vital.

That’s where Digital Air Strike comes in. Here are four reasons why leveraging technology, an outside team, and digital marketing puts your dealership in the driver’s seat for success.

  1. Staffing Challenges Continue to Impede Growth

Today’s vehicle shoppers are spending more time researching online than going from dealership to dealership, making it more important to engage with those consumers promptly. Dealerships can get ahead of the competition by partnering with a dynamic team of full-service digital marketing experts equipped with technology to tap into the sales cycle – from lead generation to closing sales, from conversion optimization to acquisition marketing. Implement technology to respond to leads 24/7 via email, chat, and text message to keep the conversations flowing and the customers from going to your competition.

  1. With limited inventory, the buying cycle is unpredictable.

The consensus from analysts is inventory shortages will extend through 2023*. With continued uncertainty ahead, how you communicate with customers’ needs to be cost-effective and on target. Get creative and hyper-targeted when promoting your inventory while attracting the buybacks and trade-ins you need. For example, leverage geo-targeting capabilities to message consumers before, during, and after sporting events. Take advantage of OTT streaming TV ads with dynamic inventory, and your dealership can get in front of the right audience at the right time. In addition, combine the power of your social media loyal followers to spread the word.

  1. Leverage your co-op dollars the right way

The right digital marketing partner can help your dealership significantly drive exceptional sales and profit. When working with the right team, they can create an online presence that is highly persuasive, ever-evolving, and knows where to use your co-op dollars. Digital Air Strikes team provides the solutions you need, approved by your OEM, and handles the billing for you.

  1. Reviews matter. Now more than ever.

One of the essential rules for consumers finding your dealership and wanting to do business is having a robust online reputation. Most consumers are willing to pay more for services that they perceive as better. If customers feel like their experience with you was unsatisfactory, they will be less likely to recommend you to others. Having a team of online reputation experts solely focused on managing and increasing positive reviews means higher ROI, a better reputation, and customer loyalty.

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