Time is Money: Surge Close Rates by Automatically Sending Quotes to All Internet Leads!

Time is Money: Surge Close Rates by Automatically Sending Quotes to All Internet Leads!

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In the everyday hustle of running a car dealership, chances are you do not have time to sit down and respond to every lead that comes in throughout the day. The simple solution is to hire someone to manage these leads, but what happens to the 40% of leads that come in after hours?

They get ignored – resulting in lost revenue for your dealership.

Automating lead response is the #1 solution to ensure your team never misses an opportunity to sell. Supercharge sales by doing these 3 things!

1) Deliver Personalized, Multi-Vehicle Price Quotes with a Custom Microsite to Online Leads in Under 10 Minutes, 24/7

Did you know that 48% of car buyers say the speed at which a dealership responds to their online inquiry impacts their decision to purchase with that dealership over another? This means how quickly you respond to an online lead can make or break the sale. Have technology or a process in place to respond to all leads 24/7 and include options like similar vehicles, new and used options, as well as lease and finance offers.

2) Customize Quotes to Highlight Your Dealership’s Promotions, Positive Reviews, and Why Car Buyers Should Buy from You

Including promotions, reviews, and “why buys” in your follow up gives you an edge over your competition! Conquest your competitors’ customers by offering better prices for car buyers based on their zip code.

3) Get Real-Time Quote Open Notifications So Your Sales Team Can Follow Up Immediately and Close the Sale

You don’t want your sales team to waste time on cold leads. Make sure they’re alerted once a car buyer opens the requested quote, so they can follow up immediately. With this fast follow up process, your sales team will be able to close sales faster, supercharging revenue for your dealership.

Want a better look at how your dealership responds to leads? Request a free Mystery Shop of your dealership plus your three closest competitors to find out. Click here to request your report today!

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