Tap, Tap, Done. Facebook’s Simpler Way to Fill Out Forms!

Tap, Tap, Done. Facebook’s Simpler Way to Fill Out Forms

Tap, Tap, Done. Facebook’s Simpler Way to Fill Out Forms

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Facebook is making it easier for interested consumers to submit their information online through its latest offering called Lead Ads. Whether businesses want to encourage people to sign up for their newsletter, an offer, an event or get a quote, lead ads simplify the mobile signup process, helping businesses hear from people interested in their product or service.

Why Businesses Should Care:

  • Lead Ads allow users, with a few taps, to auto-populate form fields and submit the contact information they’ve given Facebook like name, phone number and email addresses.
  • Facebook users no longer have to try to type in the information on their mobile devices – – which consumers are increasingly using to search for and research car dealerships and other businesses.
  • The ads can be used to easily capture customer information without fear of a long form or survey being “abandoned” before completion.

How Digital Air Strike™ can help:

  • Our specialized social advertising team works with our clients to determine if the lead ad format is the right fit for their campaign objective and will then setup and customize the ad for optimal performance.
  • Our experience gives our clients a cost-saving advantage as we are experts in creating, targeting and re-targeting ads – – meaning clients can avoid an expensive learning curve and quickly reach in-market consumers.
  • Because of our close relationships with social giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we learn about new and upcoming changes early and can determine ways to leverage them to benefit our clients before the competition.

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