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Target Interested Customers and Those Just Like Them

Target Interested Customers and Those Just Like Them

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Social advertising delivers the right message at the right time to the right person – – but only if you have the right data. You already have access to that data, you just need to start leveraging it by using a Facebook pixel. 

With Facebook’s recent changes to targeting, utilizing pixel data is more important than ever. The data helps your business target a more detailed consumer database, which in turn, leads to higher conversion rates.  

So, how do you use a Facebook pixel and what exactly does it do for you? 

  1. Partner with a Company That Can Provide a Pixel Code to Install
    Once you have received your pixel code, you will ask your web developer to install the code in the header of every page that consumers would visit. You can exclude customer login pages or any page people you don’t want to advertise to would visit. This process is simple and should only take your web developer a couple minutes!  
  2. Proactively Collect Consumer Data
    The pixel is active from the time it’s installed on your website. Information on all consumers that visit pages on your website will be collected instantly. The pixel will then give you a “Facebook audience,” placing anyone who visits your website and has a Facebook page into one pool of people. You are not able to see personal information as people are only labeled with numbers. For example, “Person 1” and “Person 2.” 
    Creating this pool of people helps your business develop a better audience to target with ads on Facebook! Instead of hoping to reach interested customers, your ads will be placed in the newsfeeds of people who have already expressed interest in your business by spending time on your website.  
  3. Create Additional Audiences Based on Interests
    Once you have pooled interested customers into one audience on Facebook, you will be able to create similar custom audiences based on interests. You can take a customer who has been on your site several times and create a “lookalike” audience of people based on similar consumer behavior and interests. This creates a whole new pool of people that are similar to your original audience! By doing this, you are more likely to reach customers that would be interested in your offerings, allowing you to supercharge conversion rates and see real ROI from your ad campaigns! 

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