Technology Makes Managing and Improving Your Online Reputation Easier

Technology Makes Managing and Improving Your Online Reputation Easier

Technology Makes Managing and Improving Your Online Reputation Easier

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Did you know that 85% of consumers search for businesses online? Make sure your customers like what they find by managing your online reputation. Like everything, technology makes this easier and even mobile friendly. Digital Air Strike’s Mobile App gives businesses on-the-go, actionable customer survey feedback, includes new positive and negative reviews, plus other great data that helps you resolve issues quickly and deliver a 5-star customer experience, 24/7.

1) Actionable Data Allows You to Improve Star Ratings

Using a mobile app allows you to access all reviews that are being published to top review sites. You will also be able to quickly access survey responses, so you can address any customers who had a negative experience. In the automotive industry, and for many other businesses, this is especially important as you can resolve issues before a manufacturer or corporate survey is delivered to the customer. Responding quickly to survey feedback will help you resolve any issues before the customer posts a negative review about the experience online. Accessing all your review and survey data from one app makes it easier to stay on top of and resolve any issues quickly.

2) Get Instant Feedback from Customers to Increase Ratings

Integrating a mobile app into your business becomes even more effective when it can send your customers review requests. Digital Air Strike’s Mobile App is integrated with our Mobile Review Surge product, which allows businesses to immediately send review requests to their happiest customers via text message. This feature has been proven to improve business’ ratings to give them an advantage over their competition. Better star ratings = better search results = MORE customers choosing your business!

3) Manage Employee Performance with Survey Results

Ever feel like you can’t keep track of your employees’ performance in the day-to-day hustle? If a mobile app can give you data on reviews and surveys, it should also be able to give you data on your employees. Viewing survey results by department and employee is key to identifying great team members and those who need coaching! Monitor employee performance to determine areas that need improvement and have a plan to fix any issues you find.

In a digital age, an app is a necessity for your business to resolve customer issues faster and improve their experience. Questions about our mobile app? Request a demo today!

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