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Three Tips that Help Dealerships Sell More

Three Tips that Help Dealerships Sell More

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1. Allow Your Salespeople to Send Quotes to All Phone Leads and Walk-Ins Interested in Buying a Vehicle

Give your salespeople a tool that allows them to send immediate pricing to all customers to streamline your business. Sending quotes faster from any device allows your team to close deals faster! Your salespeople will be able to send a quote from anywhere at any time, allowing customers to get the information they want immediately.

2. Include Multiple Vehicle Options and a Custom Microsite

You’ve figured out a way to send the quote, but what needs to be included? Give your customers several options other than the vehicle they are inquiring about. 42% of people who inquire about a new vehicle end up buying a used one – don’t let them buy from one of your competitors because you didn’t provide used options in your email!

3. Get Notified When a Car Buyer Opens Your Quote

If you’re not using a tool that notifies you when a customer opens your quote, you need to start! Getting notified of active leads will help your salespeople focus on the customers who are ready to buy. This feature is important and will give your sales team an unfair advantage when it comes to qualifying leads and determining their interest level!

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