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Top 3 Keys to Review Response Revealed!

Top 3 Keys to Review Response Revealed!

Responding to reviews is a big part of improving your online reputation. According to the Local Consumer Review Survey of 2017, 85% of consumers say they view online reviews from a stranger are equal to personal recommendations.* Further, almost one-third of consumers believe responding to reviews is key to determining the professionalism of a business. Digital Air Strike™ improves the online reputations of thousands of businesses. Here are the three keys for better review responses:

  1. Handling Responses to Negative Reviews

The big key to handling negative reviews is to take them offline as quickly as possible. It’s far too easy for the online universe to view your business in a negative light when there’s a lot of back and forth and no resolution. This is especially true if a customer is particularly upset. The continued negativity online could create big problems for your business. To avoid this, provide the highest level of contact in your initial response and contact the customer in question privately to continue the dialogue offline.

  1. Don’t Admit Fault

Just like in matters of insurance, this principle is a good one to follow in the world of online reviews. Creating cases of “he said/she said” are all too easy to do online. Chances are good you won’t know the particulars of the specific situation being discussed, so it’s always wise to refrain from admitting fault until the details of the encounter are clear – which is best done by phone. See tip number one.

  1. Be Polite, Personable, and Professional

Following the “3P” rule for review responses is great for business in general. Whether negative or positive, it is important to engage with your customers in a pleasant manner. Being polite, personable and professional with your responses can turn a bad situation around as most people understand that no business handles every interaction perfectly. Others considering your business will read how you address upset customers and judge your business based on these online conversations.  Your responses are great opportunities to showcase your customer service.

Keeping track of the reviews left for your business is hard and time-consuming work. Whether negative, positive, or neutral, Digital Air Strike specializes in first-class online reputation management. Sign up for our no-obligation demo today to see what we can do for you and your star ratings.

*Source:, 2017

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