Uncover Six Social Media Stats That Prove Your Business Needs to Be on Social Media in 2019 - Digital Air Strike

Uncover Six Social Media Stats That Prove Your Business Needs to Be on Social Media in 2019

Uncover Six Social Media Stats That Prove Your Business Needs to Be on Social Media in 2019

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Let’s get real—if your business is not on social media this year, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Market research from Facebook and Instagram, two of the world’s largest social networks, proves that your business’ online presence is extremely important to consumers today.

  1. 2 Billion Messages Are Sent Between People and Businesses Every Month on Facebook Messenger
    It’s almost 2019—reaching your customers by phone or email is NOT in style. Your business needs to have a technology or process in place to ensure Facebook Messenger leads receive timely responses. This process can be automated with AI-powered intelligent messaging that captures customer information and qualifies interest level before routing them to the right person for follow up. Implementing this process into your workflow is key to reaching consumers where they already spend time.
  1. 80% of Instagram Accounts Follow a Business
    Make sure your business is highly visible on Instagram, so customers can engage with you on this increasingly important social platform. Instagram remains one of the most popular social sites and lets you brand your business and make more personal connections with consumers. Keep your content visually appealing to help your business stand out and gain a bigger following.
  1. 76% of US Consumers Have Purchased a Product They Saw in a Branded Social Post
    Successful marketers post custom, engaging content to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the month. More content tailored to your audience(s) will spark more passionate conversations on your pages and allow you to reach more people via likes and shares. Posting ads only is not recommended, as potential customers develop “ad blindness”. Use organic content to establish a strong brand identity and be sure to stick to your content schedule.
  1. 2 Billion People Use Facebook Every Month
    Get. On. Facebook. Your audience is on Facebook, period. If you’re not meeting them where they are, you’re not reaching them effectively.
  1. Live Facebook Videos Generate 10x the Interactions
    Video content captures consumers who are scrolling through their news feeds. Live video is more personal and lets users engage easily with important updates about your business.
  1. 700 Million+ People Buy and Sell Via Facebook Every Month
    If you operate in an industry conducive to posting inventory online, don’t overlook Facebook Marketplace and Marketplace Ads. If this isn’t feasible, you can still reach consumers where they’re already shopping. Ads in Facebook Marketplace’s feed help you reach active shoppers, and the ads will even appear in their news feed later. If you are in the automotive industry, partner with a company that can upload your used inventory to Facebook Marketplace to reach additional car buyers near you.

Digital Air Strike has the intelligence you need to build out a bulletproof social strategy in 2019. Get a free Social Media Intel Report for your business with easy tips for immediate improvement.

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