Unmask Tricksters With These 6 Job Interview Questions

Unmask Tricksters With These 6 Job Interview Questions

Your employees can make or break your business, so hiring someone you don’t really know can have frightening results on your bottom line. 

Ask these six questions during a job interview to help identify authentic candidates that are team players, can think critically about themselves, and are ultimately someone you and the team want to work with.

1. “Can you please share a 60 second elevator pitch about you, your experience, and why I should hire you?

Resumes can be worked and reworked until perfect. Having job applicants write a 60 second elevator pitch about themselves provides you with insight into their ability to communicate non-verbally. It’s incredibly important to be able to write well, and hopefully this will show that a candidate can communicate a thoughtful answer in a short period of time.

2. “Which of our core values resonates with you the most and why?”

Company cultures are built around guiding principles called core values. Let applicants know what your core values are and then ask which of those resonates with them most and how they live that value in their everyday lives. You’re looking for a clear indication that a candidate’s values align with your organization.

3. “Can you tell me about a time your behavior had a positive impact on your team?

Being a team player is an important quality in any applicant. An employee might be an all-star, but if he or she is not able to build relationships with a team, that won’t amount to much. With this question, you’re looking to see if the applicant’s answer was something that just drove business results, or was truly impactful for the team.

4. “What did you like most about your last employer and why are you looking for new opportunities?”

The answer to this question will help gauge the applicant’s values, outlook, goals, and needs from an employer. If the candidate’s goals and needs are not aligned with the business, you risk hiring someone who will likely be dissatisfied and disengaged. You can also learn what prompted the job search. Is the candidate looking for a more successful future or is he or she running away from an unsuccessful employment experience?

5. “How do you go about developing your professional skills and knowledge?”

You always want to hire ambitious employees who believe in continuous development and improvement. Listen carefully to whether the prospective employees pursue their own professional development or whether they depend on their employer to provide the opportunities. It’s important to have a combination of both.

6. “What’s the last book you read?”

Breaking the tension in an interview can be tough. Asking interviewees about the last book they read can lead to them talking about what they took away from it. This in turn, lets an employer see how well an applicant comprehends outside of the workplace. 

These are a few examples of the best interview questions to ask as you recruit and interview new employees for a job. They will help your company avoid hiring ghouls! 

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