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What does Gen Z really want?

What does Gen Z really want?

Our youngest generation grew up with technology in their hands. They’ve been playing video games and operating smart devices for more years than most of us. So, we might assume that this younger generation wants to buy their first car online and feels comfortable doing so.

However, a new study that looks at the buying habits of Gen Z car buyers (those 25 years and younger) shows this youngest car-buying group spends more time weighing one of the most significant buying decisions we’ll ever make. The Gen Z crowd also finds it difficult to buy a car online. Who would have thought?

Eighty-seven percent of Gen Z shoppers either buy at the dealership or start online and finish at the dealership, according to a recent study. According to the survey, 81% of Gen Z shoppers said they wanted to take their time to understand all their options when purchasing a vehicle.

Dealers need to ensure their vehicle purchase, and the pre-order process includes a plan for ongoing communication to keep customers updated, especially their youngest customers. Twenty percent of vehicle buyers say the dealer didn’t keep them informed about the status of their vehicle order, according to Digital Air Strike’s 9th Annual Automotive Customer Experience Trends Study.

No one wants to waste their time waiting at the dealership, so the more information and actions they can complete online, such as pre-qualifying for credit and valuing their trade-in, the easier the process will be.

The search for Gen Z starts like most others: on search. Dealerships should advertise their inventory at the top of search with Google Vehicle Ads and have an updated Google Business Profile. The free profile provides one place to read reviews and frequently asked questions, see dealership photos, find specials and announcements, and have an easy way to contact the dealer. According to our trends study, 60% of vehicle buyers ranked Google as their No. 1 source for dealership research and reviews.

The Gen Z crowd is also on social media, including Snapchat (44.5 million Gen Z users), TikTok (41.4 million Gen Z users), Instagram (37.3 million Gen Z users), and Facebook (31.8 million Gen Z users), according to Insider Intelligence’s 2022 stats. Creating content and engaging with the younger generation on these sites is essential. According to our trends study, consumers find high value in social media ads, with 75% of consumers surveyed saying they found advertising on online sources to be the most beneficial when making a purchase decision.

This younger generation also prefers to communicate through texting. Nearly 99% of Gen Zs either own a smartphone or have access to one, according to EarthWeb.com. Corresponding with this crowd through texts and sending text alerts is the best way to reach them. Only 1 in 5 emails is opened, but 95% of text messages are read within three minutes. This is true for our youngest car buyers and vehicle purchasers in general.

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