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Why You Need to Avoid Facebook Engagement Bait (and What to Use Instead)

Why You Need to Avoid Facebook Engagement Bait (and What to Use Instead)

Facebook is making moves to increase the quality of content for its users and this down on “engagement bait”. The consequences could be very bad for your business! Luckily for you, we’re here to help you navigate the new update to Facebook’s News Feed smoothly.

How to Avoid Facebook Engagement Bait 

Wondering how to avoid Facebook engagement bait? Facebook has analyzed thousands of posts to come up with a list of content types that will demote your business in the News Feed:

  1. React Baiting: Asking for a reaction to a post (like, love, or laugh)
  2. Comment Baiting: Requesting answers in the form of words, numbers, phrases, or emojis
  3. Share Baiting: Requesting your post to be shared among a follower’s friends
  4. Tag Baiting: Requesting for people to tag friends
  5. Vote Baiting: Encouraging reactions, comments, sharing, or any other tactic to represent a vote

There are still great ways to engage in a meaningful and Facebook-approved way. We’re here to help!

What to do Instead So You’re Not Labeled by Facebook as “Engagement Bait” 

It’s easy to fall into posting pitfalls, but there are great ways to engage with consumers on Facebook without your business being labeled “bait.” Here are a few examples:

  1. Post Often: Creating high-quality and original content is key to climbing the ranks in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.
  2. Create Quality Content: Make sure content is meaningful and unique.
  3. Build Audience Credibility: Before posting anything to Facebook, ask yourself, “Will this content likely be shared or recommended to other people?”
  4. Use Facebook Video Ads: Using video ads, like your business’ TV spots, improves your standing in the News Feed and attracts new followers. Facebook wants to grow video usage on its platform and rewards video content with more reach.
  5. Promote Real Rewards: Hold contests for trips or tickets to sporting events and concerts that provide real value to your followers on Facebook. As people enter you capture their information as possible leads

Keeping track of the ever-changing social media rules is a full-time job! Our team at Digital Air Strike™ provides thousands of businesses with original content, contests, and strategies that help you sell more than the competition by capitalizing on the most recent Facebook News Feed updates, including engagement bait. Get a demo today to learn more!

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