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Why Your Business Should Use Geofencing Technology to Reach NFL and College Football Fans

Why Your Business Should Use Geofencing Technology to Reach NFL and College Football Fans

What is Geofencing Technology?
With contemporary digital marketing and GPS capabilities, geofencing is a genius location-based marketing tool that allows marketers to feed advertisements to smartphone users in specific geographic areas. The key to executing geofencing advertising effectively depends on the target audience and the area they are in.  For this to work, users must be able to safely look at their phone and be in one concentrated area. Sporting events are ideal, as watching football games is a social activity where everyone is seated for the most part, watching the game and checking their phones during time-outs, television commercial breaks, half-time and more. Being able to capture consumers’ attention and increase brand awareness within a defined area to a strategic audience is a marketing gold mine – – or in this case a touchdown — as geofencing at NFL and college football games will maximize consumer engagement this football season.

Know Your Team
42.5% of US adults are NFL fans and 66.6% of male consumers watch college football.  With these statistics in mind, we can tackle a great approach for your business to advertise to these groups: Facebook’s geotargeted advertising technology.  About 81% of NFL and college football fans are active Facebook users.  Facebook’s massive audience includes 2.27 billion monthly active users and nearly 1.5 billion of those users check their Facebook account daily. While most people have Facebook and enjoy football, the most avid users tend to be older!  A perfect match for the main age group of NFL and college football fans which ranges from 35 to 65 years old. Adults in that category are not only making more money but are also willing to spend more on higher quality products. In fact, 50.7% of NFL and 53.4% of college football fans are willing to pay more for higher quality products.

The Game Plan
So, you have a target audience and they are willing and ready to spend money, what more could you need? Before you do your touchdown celebration, there’s still one more step. And it’s crucial! You still have to strategize where to place ads, based on where people are browsing on their phones! For instance, 88.4% of NFL fans and 87.1% of college football fans use Google as their most frequent search engine. With new technology, your business can distribute and showcase ads to the apps and sites that are most commonly used by your target audience, including the NFL app or NCAA app where they are likely to be searching for highlights and videos! Moreover, during the past 30 days, 82.3% of NFL fans and 85% of college football fans used their smartphone or other connected device to check the weather and about 79% used it to check the news. If the placement of the advertisements corresponds with the everyday browsing of your ideal consumer, your ROI will naturally and exponentially flourish.

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