Yelling Won't Get Rid of a Bad Review, But This Might... - Digital Air Strike

Yelling Won’t Get Rid of a Bad Review, But This Might…

Yelling Won’t Get Rid of a Bad Review, But This Might…

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All review sites have terms and conditions, however few monitor for violations. That means it’s up to the business owner to let each site know when a review includes a violation. Here are some quick tips:

  • Know each site’s terms and conditions. These often include use of a person’s first and last name, profanity, demanding payment, and inappropriate content in general
  • Notify the review site that you would like a review removed and note the specific T&C violation
  • Be patient. Sometimes removal takes time and several attempts. If your first request is denied, re-submit the removal request noting a different violation

As the industry leader in social media and reputation management, Digital Air Strike™ monitors and manages online reviews for thousands of businesses and has relationships and integrations with top review sites – which gives us an advantage when bad reviews can be removed. We can also help your happy customers post their feedback publicly. Take a 10-minute demo to see how we can help improve your online reputation and join us for a free webinar with more great tips for managing your online reputation and improving your star ratings! Reserve your spot now!

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