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Your Customers Want to Text

Your Customers Want to Text

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Not too long ago, email was the fresh, new tech and businesses capitalized on that by sending customers emails to entice them to buy. While email is still largely used by businesses, only about 22 percent of emails are opened, if they’re not sent to the spam folder first.

Unlike emails, text messages have an open rate of 98 percent and most texts are read within 15 minutes of receiving them!

Just like emails, phone calls made to customers by businesses are often ignored, sent to voicemail, or even blocked.

Texting customers rather than emailing or calling – and allowing customers to text your business build relationships and provide better customer service as you’ll be communicating the way customers prefer. A whopping 91 percent of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7 and all but a handful of mobile phones are SMS-enabled.

Implementing technology that can text customers, respond to their messages, and communicate automatically is a necessity. Instead of adding an email address, website, or “landline” to your ads and promotional materials, create a number that can send and receive texts while giving your team a way to manage the communication from any device – not their personal mobile phone.

The same technology can also manage messages on Facebook Messenger, the default communication channel for people inquiring about items listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. This is a ready-to-buy audience where immediate responses are expected. Using technology to respond to these consumers quickly moves them closer to sale. See how one dealership used Response Path’s Facebook Assistant to sell cars, here.

Text messages are also a great way to quickly improve your online reputation. Instead of sending an email requesting feedback, send a text message to your happy customers requesting a review. Make it easy by linking the message directly to the review sites that matter most to your business. This simple shift from email to text can deliver great results and more 5-star reviews. Check out the result from just one business that made the change, here.

Check out Digital Air Strike’s A.I. Powered Response Path intelligent messaging and Mobile Review Surge text messaging technology to see easy solutions to start communicating the way your customers prefer.

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