Canvas: A new space for big ideas on Facebook - Digital Air Strike

Canvas: A new space for big ideas on Facebook

Canvas: A new space for big ideas on Facebook

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What is it?

  • Canvas offers new digital real-estate for advertisers providing even more ways to creatively use a full screen of creative space to tell your story and create an immersive experience helping to build that emotional connection.

Why You Care?

  • Canvas provides you with more real estate to showcase your product, promote your sales message, and more through an interactive user experience.
  • Leverage a combination of video, images and text
  • Mobile is everything, Canvas is fast-loading and mobile-optimized for the best user experience
  • Creates a seamless in app experience without the need to redirect users and potentially lose users is the redirect.

How we can help:

Digital Air Strike™ can take your existing assets and even help to create new ads to showcase your products and services through our turn-key advertising solution. Our flexible pricing and service plan option provide clients with a variety of terms and features, making it easy for anyone to start advertising today.

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