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We’re struggling to generate buy backs, trade-ins and repeat business.

Dealership Reputation Management

Reviews Drive Sales & Service: 97% of consumers selected a dealer based on their online reputation and social media feedback.

Generate Positive Reviews

Generate Positive Reviews

81% of consumers said they gave positive feedback when asked to write a review, however very few were asked. Building a better online reputation begins by asking for feedback.
Dealership Reputation

Monitor Your Reputation

Your dealership’s reputation requires vigilant monitoring and management and when done right can turn top review sites into lead generators for new and repeat business.
Text campaigns

Connect with Consumers

Engage with customers through messaging, their preferred method, to promote your offers and get more 5-star reviews.


Digital Air Strike’s CX Tech engages consumers, builds customer loyalty, and increases service and F&I business.

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Get Customer Feedback & 5-Star Reviews

The best way to find out what customers think about your business is to ask them. Our award-winning survey technology gets actionable feedback from your customers and makes it easy for those who respond positively to post their feedback on top online review sites, quickly improving your star-ratings and online reputation.

Don’t Forget the Power of Text Messaging

Request Reviews by Text Message

98% of text messages are read within minutes. Use text messaging to instantly get more 5-star reviews by asking your happy customers to review your business on top sites, including Google and Facebook. As a “thank you”, they’ll be entered to win a $500 gift card – paid for by Digital Air Strike.

Don’t Forget the Power of Text Messaging
Reputation Management

Get Expert Online Reputation Management

Get a team and technology that monitor your online reputation, alert you to new reviews, and respond on your behalf to improve your online reputation and let consumers know customer satisfaction matters to your dealership.
Don’t Forget the Power of Text Messaging

Use Text Messaging to Get Repeat Business

98% of text messages are read in minutes. Deliver important sales and service updates effectively with bulk text messaging. Leverage AI to engage with consumers who respond to your text message, answer questions, schedule appointments, and more.

Don’t Forget the Power of Text Messaging
Virtual Retailing

Connect with Service Customers

Provide a 5-star experience and keep your dealership open 24/7 with AI-powered chat on your website, on Facebook, and via text message. Make it easy for customers to schedule a service appointment, learn about special offers, and more.

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