CRM - Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike’s patented lead response technology, Response Logix, integrates with leading dealership CRMs to ensure error-free, real-time responses that convert shoppers into buyers.

Integrating your CRM with Digital Air Strike’s technology is an integral step that is required to ensure that your account is set up in a timely manner.

Please provide the information requested on the form and a team member will contact you to finalize the launch of Response Logix Smart Quote and Smart Follow.

CRM Login Information

Please note: Our team will need admin access to perform initial setup.  Please create and provide a temporary admin login for our team. If Eleads is your CRM, API integration will be setup and the Digital Air Strike Activation team will contact your technical contact provided above for next steps.

If there are any questions, please reach out to Digital Air Strike Activation Team at or
call (833) 612-5829