Digital Air Strike partners with the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association - Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike partners with the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association

Digital Air Strike partners with the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association

Customer data and experience technology helps dealers use information to communicate better with customers and improve their shopping experience.

Scottsdale, AZ (Sept. 28, 2023) Digital Air Strike, a division of DAS Technology providing automotive’s first next-level Consumer Data & Experience Platform® (CDXP), is working with the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association (VADA) to provide Customer Experience (CX) technology to its dealer members. As one of the fastest-growing automotive technology companies, Digital Air Strike provides innovative digital marketing, reputation management, AI chat, and patented lead response technology to help dealers attract new consumers, improve communication with prospects, convert shoppers into buyers, and retain more customers.  

Since its inception in 2010, Digital Air Strike has empowered dealers to harness the potential of technology on social media and online review platforms to better engage with consumers. After nine mergers and acquisitions, DAS has broadened its CX technology and CDXP, providing thousands of auto dealers nationwide with a significant competitive edge and world-class customer experience.  

“Digital Air Strike is proud that the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association chose us as an associate partner,” said Dave Venneri, Chief Revenue Officer at DAS Technology. “Our technology solutions empower dealers to enhance their operations through top-tier customer engagement, encompassing automated lead responses, seamless automatic follow-ups, AI-driven chat support, and reputation management. Our technology equips dealers to modernize their processes, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation for their customers.”   

Digital Air Strike’s CDXP technology seamlessly integrates with every automotive CRM and DMS, leveraging data to deliver targeted and tailored communication related to vehicle inventory, equity mining/lease positions, exclusive promotions, consumer reviews, business offerings, service reminders and promotions, and community involvement. Today’s consumers seek personalized responses, including specific vehicle details, payment options, and alternative vehicle choices. With Digital Air Strike, dealers can provide a targeted, personal touch, setting it apart from competing companies vying for consumer attention. Whether through Google Vehicle Ads, OTT streaming television advertisements, post-transaction surveys, personalized email nurturing, or review requests, DAS equips dealers with the CX solutions and strategies essential for thriving in today’s constantly evolving automotive market.  

“Digital Air Strike is the ideal addition to join VADA as an associate member due to their cutting-edge CX technology and highly skilled team renowned for exceptional customer service,” said Matt Cota, managing director for the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association. “Digital Air Strike provides the essential tools to assist our Vermont dealers to confront the challenges of today’s automotive industry head-on.”  

The Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association is a trade association of new and used car and truck dealers, along with motorcycle, recreational vehicle, farm equipment, power equipment, and construction equipment dealers, as well as motor vehicle service, auto body repair, and motor vehicle parts sales facilities. The purpose of VADA is to afford its members an opportunity for mutual advancement and benefit in the protection of their respective businesses and to assure protection to the consumers of Vermont in their dealings with the automotive industry.  

DAS is a turnkey provider with multiple OEMs offering co-op and incentives. Vermont dealers will receive special pricing and a free intel report by contacting DAS at 

Join DAS at the Vermont Auto Conference and VADA annual meeting on Sept. 28 at the Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa, 1746 Mountain Road in Stowe, VT, and get a 10-minute demo of the most powerful solutions for an incredible advantage.   

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DAS Technology provides the automotive’s first next-level Consumer Data & Experience Platform® (CDXP), enabling over 9,200 retailers and OEMs to increase consumer response and lead conversions by leveraging patented AI-powered digital technology and generating measurable ROI. A pioneer in digital response, social media marketing technology, and consumer engagement solutions, DAS Technology deploys omnichannel messaging, mobile apps, software, and consumer engagement technology to monitor, respond, improve, and convert more consumers into customers for businesses in the United States, Canada, and 32 additional countries. DAS Technology divisions include Digital Air Strike, AUTOVATE,, 3 Birds, and LotVantage. More information is available at 

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