Digital Air Strike Expands its Online Reputation Service

Digital Air Strike Expands its Online Reputation Service Beyond Car Dealerships

Digital Air Strike Expands its Online Reputation Service Beyond Car Dealerships

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Tipton Orthodontics wanted to advertise and get leads on Facebook, so the Tempe and Gilbert clinic turned to Scottsdale-based Digital Air Strike™ for help.

Digital Air Strike is a social media marketing firm that began in the auto dealership space and over the past six months has started expanding to other industries to help businesses manage their digital presence, social sites and online reputation.

Cheryl Yole, treatment coordinator at Tipton Orthodontics, said the practice thought Facebook was a good place to advertise because most of its clientele use the social media site. Digital Air Strike started helping the company about two months ago. “It’s been working really well,” Yole told me Monday. “We get a lot of leads from Facebook. We have access to their emails and can send additional emails and coupons. I feel it gives us more opportunity to get in front of potential customers.”

The automotive industry is particularly dependent on star ratings and reviews, yet susceptible to heavy criticism from car buyers with perceived bad experiences, making it a proving ground for Digital Air Strike’s solutions. New markets can now benefit from years of tried and tested methodologies in a hyper-sensitive sector, said Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike.

While automotive is still the majority of its 2,000 clients Digital Air Strike works with, the company is offering the same services to other markets.

“You can see the pain point of any business owner,” Venneri said. “They do understand social media can help them. They’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to do it.”

While Google AdWords or Pay per Click isn’t targeted to individual people, and YouTube and Twitter are also advertising possibilities, Venneri said Facebook is the most cost effective advertising for local businesses, with 50 cents compared to $3-$4.

“Over the years we’ve had a lot of interest from people outside of auto,” she said. “It’s really interesting where we’ve evolved. It’s been exciting. A lot of businesses say they totally need it, they just don’t know how to do it.”

Businesses posting on Facebook have to spend money advertising or else people will not see their posts, Venneri said.

“We can take emails and profiles of similar buyers with same interests and find similar people to target with ads on Facebook,” Venneri said. “It’s a little bit like matchmaking, and the cost is so much cheaper.”

Digital Air Strike is now actively working with real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, law firms, spas and any company that relies on reviews to help manage their online reputation, Venneri said.

“We invite people to write positive reviews,” she said. “Studies show us they look at Facebook for reviews. They trust their peers.”

Digital Air Strike comes in to evaluate the company’s full marketing budget and usually helps them spend less through social advertising, Venneri said.

“I love that we can help more people,” she said. “There seems to be a need with the local business community. It’s nice for all of us to broaden our focus in a number of verticals.”

Digital Air Strike has 170 employees and continues to hire. About 12 positions are open in sales, account managers, technical, ad creation and senior director of client experience.

Digital Air Strike, which captured a No. 1 ranking in the Interactive Marketing Firms list last summer, repeated its success in January with the top spot in the Phoenix Business Journal’s Social Media Marketing-Consulting Firms List.

Hayley Ringle covers technology and startups for the Phoenix Business Journal.

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