PBJ Suites: Digital Air Strike's Scottsdale Office Embraces the Bold - Digital Air Strike

PBJ Suites: Digital Air Strike’s Scottsdale Office Embraces the Bold

PBJ Suites: Digital Air Strike’s Scottsdale Office Embraces the Bold

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By Corina Vanek, Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal

At Digital Air Strike, employees and company leaders believe in working hard and playing hard.

The Scottsdale-based marketing technology firm’s office was designed to be a physical representation of that idea, with company branding and colors throughout the office and various workspaces for employees who want a change of scenery from their desks.

The office also features table tennis, foosball and other games for employees to blow off steam when they take a break. There’s a mini market inside where workers can buy a quick lunch or snack, and the space has multiple outdoor patios for employees.

“The whole place is special to me,” Alexi Venneri, the firm’s co-founder and CEO, said. “I pretty much picked everything out myself. The office reflects our values and encourages the team to follow their personal passions.”

The recent return to work during the novel coronavirus pandemic has required some changes, including all employees being required to wear cloth face masks in the office, rearranging desks so all employees are 6 feet apart, staggering shifts of some workers and limiting the number of people in the break room.

The company has about 150 people based in the Scottsdale office, and about 25 more who work remotely around the country.

“It’s one big family,” Venneri said.

Fostering the family atmosphere is important for the company, which has monthly social activities that have been curtailed in recent weeks amid the state’s stay-at-home orders, and gives out awards to employees to recognize their achievements at work or their company spirit.

“I always hear clients talk about the buzz,” Venneri said of what visitors think of the office. “There’s a vibe at DAS that’s hard to replicate.”

Each department’s area is designed differently, with input from the people who work there. Things such as lighting and seating arrangements vary throughout the office.

“When you’re working in a creative environment, you have a lot of different types of people,” Venneri said. “We let our teams make the area their own.”

Digital Air Strike office at a glance

Location: Camelback Road and Goldwater Boulevard in Scottsdale

Size: 50,000 square feet

Employees: 150 in Scottsdale, 175 total

Unique features: Mini market, table games, masseuse visits and custom seating areas

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