Digital Dealer Orlando 2020 - Digital Air Strike

Cheers to More Sales!

Stop by our Beer Garden in the Digital Dealer Expo Hall & take a 10-minute demo for a chance to win Bose headphones!
Partner with DAS at the event and take home some Apple AirPods.

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See Why 5,000 Dealers & OEMs Sell More With DAS

  • NEW! VIDEO LEAD RESPONSE SOLUTIONS that engage prospects, boost appointments 10x, and sell more!
  • NEW! CREDIT MATCHING SOFTWARE that cuts deal times to just 20 minutes and matches vehicles to buyers
  • NEW! GOOGLE TOOLS to dramatically improve one-click search results
  • PATENTED LEAD RESPONSE that delivers multi-vehicle, custom price quotes automatically in 10 minutes, 24/7
  • TARGETED ADVERTISING TECHNOLOGY puts your dealership in front of in-market car buyers and servicers
  • SOCIAL MEDIA & REPUTATION MANAGEMENT that turns your social and review sites into lead generators

Tuesday, April 7th – 10:00am
Fix Your Dealership’s Leaky Bucket: Stem the Flow of Lost Revenue Opportunity

Scott Pechstein , Digital Air Strike’s VP of Business Development, shares new ways to fix your leaky lead bucket and turn overlooked opportunities into new sales.

Wednesday, April 8th – 10:00 am
Intelligent Messaging – The Smarter Way to Sell!

Join Digital Air Strike’s Senior Sales Director, Lori Glenn to discuss how to use AI to better capture and convert leads 24/7 and sell smarter!