Early Christmas for KIA USA dealers - Digital Air Strike

Early Christmas for KIA USA dealers

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November 15, 2011

Kia dealers received an early holiday present today when Kia Motors America announced their selection of ResponseLogix as a preferred vendor. The deal allows Kia dealers to use their DAS co-op funds for ResponseLogix SmartQuote 2.0 and SmartFollow 2.0 products starting in November 2011. Kia dealers across the US gain an unfair competitive advantage as they are the first brand of auto dealers to receive corporate support and access to our pioneering multi-vehicle price quotes and revolutionary hyper-retargeting online ads.

Korean auto giant brands Hyundai and Kia are having a banner sales year in 2011, and both are projecting to sell 7 million cars next year according to a recent article in Automotive News.  With those sales growth projections and other car manufactures struggling to maintain their market share, it seems that Kia is making a strategic move to provide their dealers with innovative solutions to help achieve the next milestone in automobile sales in the US.

We’re thrilled and honored with the announcement!

Written by Gabe Foo, Director of Marketing at ResponseLogix. @gabe_RLogix

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