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Digital Air Strike Helps Sales Teams Convert More Leads

Engage Consumers Online

AI Powered Chat

Convert More Leads with AI-Powered Chat Assistants

Let AI make the best first impression with multi-channel Smart Assistants that engage consumers on your website, Facebook page and via text message, 24/7. Smart Assistants ask and answer qualifying questions, schedule appointments, and route conversations to the right team member when human interaction is needed allowing your team to focus on hot leads first.

Video Logix

Engage Customers with Video

72% of consumers prefer learning about a new product or service through video. Easily create, send, and track custom videos for consumers that showcase your products/services, specials, safety measures, and more.
Video Logix
Virtual Retailing

Let Consumers Explore Your Business from Home

Virtual retailing combines video, AI, automation, and more to engage and convert clients and customers who want to do more of their research, shopping, and transactions virtually.
Lead Response

Respond Better & Faster to Internet Leads

Patented technology designed specifically for the automotive industry automatically emails a multi-vehicle price quote with custom microsite in 10-minutes or less, 24/7. Car shoppers can explore new and used options, get lease/finance payments, and more. Automatic follow-up nurtures leads for up to 180 days and reactivates 20% of otherwise lost sales.
Lead Response
Online credit prequalification

Streamline the Buying Process for Car Buyers

Online credit prequalification, AI, and in-store processes match car buyers to vehicles on the lot they qualify for instantly allowing them to spend less time at the dealership while helping dealers get more profit per vehicle and improve the customer experience.

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