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Facebook Ads in Messenger

Facebook Ads in Messenger

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Facebook Messenger now boasts 1.2 BILLION active users. Wow. 

Driving the transition from a simple messaging app in 2014 to a stand-alone social ecosystem in 2017, are the additions of features like requesting an Uber, buying products, playing games (Snake for days!) and engaging with a business’s customer service department directly from the app. 

Recently, Facebook announced it will gradually roll out Facebook Messenger ads to advertisers globally. The announcement has indeed been met with its fair share of criticism. However, after months of beta testing, the company must feel confident enough that Facebook Messenger users are loyal and won’t abandon it with the addition of display ads. 

It appears that – for now – the Facebook ads will be limited to the app’s home tab and won’t appear in-message. Facebook has exhaustively tested the new feature for months to ensure the experience is as non-disruptive as possible for the user, and effective as possible for advertisers. 

Upon clicking a Messenger ad, a user will be taken to the advertiser’s website in the app. The ads can also work like Click to Message ads that initiate a message thread with the company.  Once  users start conversations with a company, advertisers are then eligible to send them Sponsored Messages in the future. This should certainly appeal to businesses that are currently or considering using Facebook as their primary customer service channel.

Facebook Ads in Messenger 

Facebook has made it easy for advertisers to add Messenger ads to their ad creation and deployment setup. However, defining the right strategy and creating the ideal target audience still requires a professional touch to ensure your message is served to the right audience at the right time. 

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