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Facebook debuts long-awaited pudding

Facebook debuts long-awaited pudding

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Many digital marketers are confident in the value provided by social advertising, and we at Digital Air Strike™ are more than comfortable discussing our campaigns in terms of ROI. But for some business owners, they find it challenging or seemingly impossible to prove the real-world impact of their social advertising.

The proof is in the pudding, right?

Well, grab a spoon, because Facebook just cooked up a pretty tasty batch.

For the typical local business, clicks and likes are nice, but feet through the door are what they really need. Facebook has really been working to improve their offerings to local business in the past couple years and finally have a pretty big breakthrough in meeting this need with their new ad metric “Store Visits.” It’s exactly what it sounds like – people who have seen your ads, then visited your location. I like to call this metric “scroll and stroll” (not really, I just made that up).

This really is a measurement that is pretty unique in marketing. Sure, someone might bring a mailer with them if there’s a coupon in it, but they can’t bring a billboard or their TV into the store to let you know, “hey, I received your branding messages during my consideration phase.” The fact that Facebook is carried with so many people in their pockets and purses on a daily basis lets them show advertisers the real world impact of their social marketing in a privacy-safe way.

The Store Visits metric is rolling out for Local Awareness ads. We’ll keep you posted if it starts showing up for more objectives.

Visits are nice, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could know if they actually bought something?

Yes. That would be cool. And Facebook thinks so too.

So they are working on it, and they are close. Facebook is currently testing integrations with several different database and point-of-sale providers to give local social media marketers that holy grail metric: in-store conversions. As results-driven social media marketers, we at Digital Air Strike are so excited about the possibility of offering this level of insight to our clients. And our clients are going to be excited to connect online targeting to real-world behavior like never before. It gives the advertiser much more confidence in how to spend and how to optimize social advertising campaigns when you are talking about actual purchases in addition to all the online metrics.

Facebook says it will provide demographic information about the people who purchase. That is valuable insight for businesses who may have just been guessing before. And this is just speculation, but if Facebook could also provide insight into the interests of this group, that would help businesses further cater their in-store experiences around their most lucrative segments.

So, what’s happening?
• Facebook is rolling out Store Visits as a metric within Local Awareness ads
• This is not available in other ad types or as an organic measurement at this time
• Facebook is testing the Offline Conversions API across all ad objectives
• Test partners include IBM, Index, Invoca, Lightspeed, LiveRamp, Marketo and Square

What does it mean for businesses
• Measure in-store impact
• Invest with confidence
• More insight into your audience

How can Digital Air Strike help?
• Our team can recommend the right social advertising strategy for your business
• We build campaigns toward your goals and optimize around what works, which for our Local Awareness advertisers now includes in-store traffic

We always stay current on what tools are available to us, so our clients never miss an opportunity to reach their audience.

Photo CC aki sato on flickr

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