Facebook Is Encouraging Its Users to Meet up with Nearby Friends

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Facebook has always allowed you to share whatever is on your mind, but now they are allowing you to share where you are. Unlike “Checking-in” or creating an “Event”, “Nearby Friends” is a new function that automatically shares your approximate location with your Facebook friends.

The new feature must be turned on by Facebook users themselves. Once activated, Facebook users will be able to see how far (within ½ mile – distance only) their Facebook friends are from their current location. However, users do have the option to share an exact GPS location and message for a pre-determined amount of time with Facebook friends of their choosing.

For example, if you visit a dealership to get your tires changed and the dealership lets you know that your car will be ready around 3pm. You can check Nearby Friends to see who’s in your area. You would then have the option of sending any of those friends your exact GPS location for a pre-determined amount of time (example: “Hey Karen, I’m at the dealership getting new tires put on my car and it won’t be ready until 3pm. Would you like to meet up and grab lunch?”).

This new feature will also allow Facebook to more effectively hyper-target users with ads pertaining to a user’s current location (within 0.1 of a mile).

For more information regarding Facebook Nearby, check out the video below:

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