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Facebook Launches Cross-Device Ad Reporting

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Last week, Facebook launched cross-device reporting for Facebook ads, which will enable Facebook advertisers to see how people are moving between devices before they convert.

This tool is becoming increasingly important as customers become multiple-screen users, who can, within the span of a day, view your business’ ad on their mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

If someone sees an ad for a lease special at your dealership on their phone, odds are they aren’t going to immediately visit your website and schedule an appointment on their mobile device. Using this new tool, you will be able to see on which device customers saw your ad v. which device they were using at the point of conversion.

This data can help your business better understand how your customers shop for cars on their various devices. If users are consistently viewing your ads via mobile and converting later on their desktop, this can give you insight into how to better target your ads.

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