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Facebook Mobile Ad Exchange

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Facebook recently announced a major change that gives more targeted advertising options to businesses. As the leading provider of social media and reputation management in the auto industry, your team at Digital Air Strike™ has an eye on the ever-changing digital landscape to make sure we can leverage it to benefit your car dealership.

Here’s the Deal:
• Facebook already offered a video ad exchange through its LiveRail product, which helps publishers fill vacant ad space by allowing advertisers to bid on that space in real time. Now, LiveRail can fill display ad space on mobile as well, not just video.

Why Dealers Should Care:
• Facebook will now allow car dealerships and other businesses to tap into its wealth of anonymized user data to better target those ads.
• Previously, “cookies” were used to determine what ad to share with a given user. Now Facebook data should make the ads more relevant and, ultimately, more valuable.
• That data is something Google and Twitter don’t have, setting Facebook’s ad exchange apart.

This is just one more piece of an overall social media and reputation management plan that Digital Air Strike™ covers for dealers in an effort to bring more car buyers to your business.

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