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Facebook Is Testing Mid-Roll Ads

Facebook Is Testing Mid-Roll Ads

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When combined with Digital Air Strike’s expertise in advanced social targeting, mid-roll ads on Facebook give you the opportunity to maximize your offers and production costs and extend the life of your marketing campaigns by continuing to broadcast your TV spots on Facebook to your target market.

The mid-roll ad format means that your ads will be inserted into video clips after people have watched them for at least 20 seconds – – meaning you could buy ads inside unbranded video content that’s relevant to your target audience.

Unlike other video platforms, Facebook doesn’t offer ads that are shown before the video content plays. The videos that contain ads also need to be at least 90 seconds long.

In 2016, Facebook users watched videos for 100 million hours per day! Talk to your Client Advocate about grabbing some of that attention. Not yet a client? Take a 10-minute demo of our award-winning social media and reputation management solutions.

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