Facebook to Rollout Shared Photo Albums. Let the Combined Photo Sharing Begin!

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Have you had a great event, party, or vacation and would like for others whom shared in the experience to be able to add their photos to your Facebook album? With Facebook’s new shared photo albums, you can!

It’s said that each album can have up to 50 contributors, with each person being able to add up to 200 photos, allowing for shared albums containing as many as 10,000 photos.

Though, Facebook owned Instagram is a photo sharing platform, it appears that Facebook is interested in allowing Instagram users to focus on the artistic alterations and sharing of singular photos, while Facebook will continue to cater to a user’s desire to share photo collections and documenting larger events—i.e. weddings, parties, and vacations.

So, make sure to keep an eye open for this new feature and make sure to keep it in mind when you’re planning your next great event!


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