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Facebook Video Ads on the Horizon and in Your Newsfeed?

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Are video ads on the horizon for Facebook? The rumors hitting the web say yes. According to Bloomberg, beginning later this year, advertisers will be able to purchase 15-second spots (commercials) that automatically appear within a person’s newsfeed. This additional advertising platform, yet again proves that Facebook is focused on leveraging its enormous user base to increase opportunities for revenue growth.

The report states that these video ads will possess some of the same age and gender targeting available to current Facebook ad types. Though, unlike current ads, video ads will not be delivered to a user more than 3 times within a given day.

So how exactly are these ads going to be delivered? Will they be auto-play ads, forcing the user to view without granting the ability to skip by an ad once delivered? If so, Facebook is betting on the fact that their social platform is head and shoulders above any competitors and that new features, like Facebook Graph Search, will keep users glued to their screens.

If the rumors are true and Facebook is looking to dive into the video advertising market, this could mean a sizable shift toward increased viral advertising budgets for many companies moving forward.

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