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Facebook’s Latest News Feed Update is Good News for Those with Good Content

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Tuesday August 6th—Facebook announced that they have made changes to their News Feed algorithm. These changes will affect the exposure Facebook posts receive based on post and page interaction.

This means that posts with a high number of interactions (Likes, comments, and shares) will be elevated within users’ News Feeds, allowing them a second chance to view posts they might not normally scroll down to.

This new front-of-the-line treatment is called “story bumping” and Facebook is reporting that during testing, they saw a 5% increase in post interaction and a 13% increase in the number of posts read.

This new filter, which gives precedent to the posts that are deemed “most valuable” by way of  Facebook user interaction, seems to be even more evidence that Facebook is moving toward a social and review site hybrid. I mean…Likes, comments and shares are just ways to review a post, are they not?

Facebook’s new approach on delivering content has altered the landscape of what a Like, comment or share once was. Instead of a simple public display of approval, chance for witty banter with friends, or a piece of information you would like to share within your Facebook circle—the Like, posted comment and share has now morphed into a recommendation made to droves of Facebook users.

So how will this new filtering system affect your business? It’s clear that even more emphasis has been placed on creating interactive inducing content and that the size of your audience (Likers) plays an even bigger role, as you battle for Facebook screen-time.

But as friend circles grow larger and Liker pools continue to increase, it only makes sense that opportunities to perform on the stage that is Facebook, will continue to become even more scarce. This new News Feed update is just one in a line of examples, proving that a comprehensive social strategy is no longer simply a benefit, but rather a necessity.

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